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Welcome to LK!

We're helping individuals and their families thrive! One step at a time. 

LK Psychotherapy & Clinical Services started in 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are rooted in the need to foster resiliency and capacity within our communities in order to thrive beyond trauma. We welcome you with open arms, as you are, and will accompany you on this journey judgment-free.

Family at home

The Story

From our Founder

As a BIPOC immigrant woman from a Canadian Military family, I've had to experience my fair share of challenges and difficulties. I’ve experienced living with trauma, grief, loss, navigated though my own distressing life moments and came out thriving! I’ve navigated the world through an unprivileged lens from watching my parents struggle to make ends meet, to withstanding being the product of mixed cultures. Tribalism, cultural differences, difficult family dynamics and ethnicity-related disputes are familiar to me. Most of us, at least once in this life, will experience some obstacles and/or experience psychological distress which can cause wounds, leaving us vulnerable to hardship. All this to say, I can relate to you in more than one way and I want to hear your story too.

As therapists, we prioritise an anti-oppressive lens and work from a systems approach. We are firm believers that to embark on a real journey to wellness, one must understand the context and the layers in which they are operating. LK Psychotherapy & Clinical Services was founded to provide culturally inclusive services to people in all walks of life. You are the expert of your life and will be treated as such. Our role will be to cultivate the warrior within you while empowering you use the tools accessible to us to improve your responses when faced with difficulty. We prefer to employ a relationship-based intervention style while creating a safe space for you to be your true self, motivating you to believe in your capabilities and employing an array of therapeutic and evidence-based practices. 

We look forward to accompanying you in any way possible. We want nothing more in this life than to see people rise and thrive on their journey to resiliency.


“To conquer oneself is greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle” – Dalai Lama.


Human Empowerment       Equitable Accessibility       Strong community & inclusion

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