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"Supervision and the opportunities that it provides for critical self-reflection and professional growth are central components of ethical social work and social service work practice."




Social work & Social service work students

If you are a SSW, BSW, MSW student looking for mentoring and support, I am delighted to help you! With my experiences in different public & private sectors of societal social work and in psychotherapy, I am able to support you with your academic achievements, pathways and career planning. Reach out, let's chat!


Mental Health Clinicians

If you are a working professional looking for a clinical supervisor, I am happy to help you in your journey! With my experiences in social work practice and in psychotherapy, I am able to support you with your caseload of individuals, couples and families as well. Reach out, let's chat!

Unlock your potential in mental health with LK Psychotherapy's supervision services. We're dedicated to nurturing growth in both aspiring and established professionals across Ontario and Alberta.

Our experienced team offers comprehensive support tailored to your unique journey. Whether you're a student seeking mentorship or a working professional looking for clinical supervision, we're here to guide you.

With our extensive background in social work and psychotherapy, spanning public and private sectors, we provide invaluable insights to enhance your practice. Our approach focuses on practical skills, career development, and navigating complex cases.

At LK Psychotherapy, we believe in the power of collaborative learning. Our supportive environment encourages exploration, reflection, and professional growth. Together, we'll strengthen your capabilities and confidence in serving diverse client needs.

Invest in your professional development with supervision services that truly understand your field. Reach out today and let's chat about how we can support your journey in mental health care.

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